M.K Electro Recycling

Focuses on

Recycling repairable items/devices  

Our Services

Recycling repairable items/devices

Computer Recycling

 Safely recycle, data destroyed, reselling computers, laptop recycling

Mobile Device & Tablet Recycling

 Data destruction, 3 years of experience in E-Waste recycling

Printer Recycling

 Recycling Printers of all kinds. Easy removal from offices. 

Why Work with Us

We want to give those devices a second chance at life by refurbishing them and selling or give to deserving people/communities here or in third-world countries.  

MK Electro Recycling

Electro Recycling

M.K. Electro Recycling  understands  the importance of proper E-Waste Recycling. 

recycling computers

Mobile Device & Tablet Recycling

M.K. Electro Recylcing  will pickup and handle your electronic recycling. We assure that your waste is securely and safely recycled. 

phone Recylcing

Computer Recycling

M.K. Electro Recylcing  our facility is in Moncton, NB. 

computer old Recylcing
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